Astro Skates Cosmic Cafe

We all know you can build up quite an appetite and an insatiable thirst when skating. Each of our 6 locations has a Cosmic Cafe to serve you up some appetizing and satisfying food fare. From fresh baked pizza, to warm and delicious churos, chips, candy bars as well as other snacks. We also provide thirst quenching sodas, juices, slushies and bottled water.

Our servers and staff are trained to provide you with qualty products and great service. If you think about it, we are all consumers as well. We want to serve you, the way we would expect to be served elsewhere.

We have recently installed brand new pizza ovens. This means your pizza will be even fresher, and cooked faster! Some other businesses have warming ovens that take a great deal of time to produce a single pizza pie. Our new ovens will allow us to cook multiple pies in a fraction of the time. All the better to serve you!

We invite you to try our food at any of our Cosmic Cafes. We are sure you will enjoy your meal and will come back for more.